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Pay per click (PPC) advertising asks you to pay for having your ad listed on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. They are the sponsored links you might see when you perform a search in a search engine. They usually appear at the top, bottom or right side of the search engine results page (SERP) and are identified as Paid Listings, Sponsored Links, Sponsored Listings, or Featured Listings. Pay per click advertising search engines allow you to have your advertisement listed on search engines by letting you bid on keywords that are related to your business. You need a winning professional team to take your business to the next level. We understand your needs and work towards the direction of offering a complete service satisfaction.

Campaign Overview

Paid Search is a powerful way to get your listings up almost immediately and to have the most prominence on the search result pages. With Paid Search, you can address multiple objectives simultaneously that other campaigns do not provide such as:

  • - Find customers at all stages of the buying cycle
  • - Discover - Research - Compare - Purchase
  • - Share of Voice
  • - Brand Awareness
  • - New Customer Acquisition

Once your competitive marketplace is analyzed and a comprehensive set of keywords are identified, we can launch an effective paid search strategy immediately, your site will be present in top search placements on all of the key search engines, thus increasing the number of targeted visitors to your site. Under Pay Per Click Management, we will be working on the following points to get your ads on top of result pages of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

SEM Campaign Activities

Initializing the Project
Basic Setup
Account Setup
Profile Setup
Campaign Optimization
Keyword Research & Bid Management Unlimited
Negative Keywords
A/B Ad Copy Testing
Geo - Targeting
Conversion Tracking
Image Ads*
Landing Page Consultation (Creation)
Website Optimizer(If Applicable)
Defining the USP
Call to Action Optimization 
Optimize Usage of Images 
Adding Opt-Ins 
Optimizing Conversion Path 
Trigger Words 
Competitive Gap Analysis 
Location-Based Offers 
Split Testing
Organizing the Content 
Bounce Rate Reduction
Trend Analysis 
Day Parting 
Time and Season-Based Offers 
Display Network
Display Ads
Landing Page Consultation
Website Optimizer (If required)
Mobile Campaign
Click Fraud Support
Video Ads
Google Analytics
Funnel Tracking Consultation
Analysis & Monitoring
Weekly Graphical Reports
Graphical Reports

SEM Account Management Plans

Ad Spends Per Month Management Fee Per Month
Less than Rs. 100,000 Rs. 12,000
Rs. 100,001 to 500,000 12% of total ad spend
Rs. 500,001 and above 10% of total ad spend

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